What is Doccaster?

Every event has a great story. We help organizers and planners capture their event's story, so they can enhance and showcase their event's value to exhibitors, sponsors and attendees. Our dashboard provides organizers with the tools they need to capture data on the entire life cycle of an event. Whether attaching third party services, such as EventBrite, MailChimp, Twitter or using our fully functional event web-based app, organizers can go to one place to spot trends and opportunities to enhance and showcase their event through its story.

What is EventLocker?

Eventlocker.me is a web-based event app deployed from an organizer's Doccaster dashboard. Event attendees can use the app and check into their by going to www.eventlocker.me from any mobile device. Attendees can enjoy the following features:

  • Attendee checkin
  • Event Schedule
  • Attendee and speaker list
  • File-sharing *
  • Attendee, exhibitor and sponsor private two-way messaging
  • Lead generation *


We're a small, passionate team located in Orlando, Florida and Austin, Texas. Doccaster was founded in 2011.


You can learn more about the team here, friend us on Facebook (Facebook.com/Doccaster), and follow us on Twitter (Twitter.com/Doccaster).


Just email us your resume or the URL to your LinkedIn profile and a friendly note to info@doccaster.com. Also, very briefly explain why, out of all the startups in the tech community, you chose us.